Andreas and Magdalena are an incredible couple who I have not only bonded over the IT Crowd (highly recommended) but also a love of cherry blossom which we missed by 2 weeks on our photoshoot! Gutted! Their infectious giggles and goofiness are what makes my heart sing whilst photographing. I absolutely loved wondering around Blackheath and Greenwich on a beautiful spring Sunday afternoon. 

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Greenwich Wedding Photographer

Bernard and Maruschca are such a fun couple who love London and love to be carefree! Their incredible 8 year long love story blew me away and their impending nuptials in South Africa sounds divine. I loved getting to know their passions for life and was great to bond over a warm breakfast after a very chilly Saturday morning shoot.

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Winter London Photographer.jpg

Nelia and David have been a treasure to London as well as to me and my partner Seb for the past 5 years. With their decision to move home to beautiful Sweden a portrait session to remember where it all began was a must. We loved exploring the canals in the late summer evening reminiscing and looking forward to the next part of their journey together. 

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Fun Wedding Photographer
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